Ciao Bella



Gucci, through Alessandro Michele’s‘s Looking Glass. I love big, bold fashion statements that fly against conventional wisdom and expectations, provided that they are made with a minimum of good taste and decorum. 

What is even better is when a designer manages to do this without enlisting an Instagram brigade of models and celebrities as spokespersons – i.e. when it is actually the clothes themselves that do the talking. That is what Gucci‘s creative director Alessandro Michele has accomplished, and fashion people are listening.

Admittedly, Michele’s style is not for everyone.  Heavy on the vintage feel and with a slightly geek chic look, it is unlikely that girls who are more stiletto than loafer and more leather and spandex than tweed and florals will get it.  Michele’s muse is not a fashion dominatrix wielding weapons of seemingly unattainable levels of grooming and sophistication.  Unlike Tom Ford’s “Hoochie Gucci Mama” she is a free-spirit.  She is unabashedly nostalgic, romantic, and probably smarter than you.  Her clothes and her bearing reflect a deep understanding of color, texture, dimensions, and art history.  She is indifferent to the effect of her Granny loafers and pom pom beret on her entourage…she knows she’s got this.

I have sort of fallen in love with Alessandro Michele’s universe, or maybe it’s the attitude that speaks to me.  Although I’m not ready to throw away my entire urban, primarily black wardrobe in favor of his menagerie of color, fur, beads, checks, flowers and bows, I am definitely smitten.  I love the girlish yet incredibly feminine way he dresses women in bright, pretty jewel tones, fancy details, and prim silhouettes.  His style inspires me to dare to put together more whimsical and colorful outfits when I go out, and to appreciate modesty and the old in terms of design as much as the new.  Bravo, Signori Michele.

2 thoughts on “Ciao Bella

  1. lynseyhumphrey

    Perfectly written! I couldn’t agree more! His designs have depth. They’re beautiful and feminine and sophisticated at the same time. The minute I saw pieces in person from his collections I onew Gucci had been re born. The zig zag plissé lurex dress is as perfect as fashion gets, archival if you own it.



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