Spring Shopping List (the “short” version)


Outside the Isabel Marant boutique in West Hollywood

Greetings from sunny Los Angeles! Nothing better than a visit to a place where 70 degree weather is the norm to get you thinking about the warm months ahead, or more specifically, how you will be dressing in them. I’m planning on doing some shopping this weekend (my version of Easter egg hunting), so I’ve come up with a short list of closet must-haves. There are plenty of trends to get excited about this season, but here are the five that I will definitely be adding to my existing spring/summer wardrobe.

Off the shoulder tops. This look is ultra feminine and dramatic, yet surprisingly versatile. I’ll dress mine up with a lace skirt and strappy heels for date night, or down with jeans and flats for brunch.

Stripes. Marinières have always been one of my wardrobe staples, but this season, stripes are everywhere, and bigger and bolder than ever. I may go all in with a striped dress, or choose just to add a few details and/or striped accessories.

Bomber jacket. I love the sporty, tomboy vibe of this season’s it-jacket. While the obvious way to wear one is with a comfortable pair of jeans, I will also be mixing mine with more feminine bottoms, like midi skirts and heeled mules.

Frayed denim. I love the “I can’t be bothered to hem my pants” vibe of this look. They look great with flats, but also with heels as long as they are paired with something casual on top, like a graphic tee or a peasant blouse.

Statement sandals. Let’s face it, none of us need an excuse to buy new shoes, but some of the whimsical embellishments and designs this season really are irresistible. I especially like the quirky, jewel-toned Gucci mules that remind me of the shoes my Barbie used to wear.

Happy hunting, everyone!

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