Last night hubby and I headed over to Eric Ziebold’s brand new restaurant, Métier (translation: “occupation” or “craft”) which opened a few days ago in the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood. We are big fans of the sister restaurant, Kinship (see my review here), so we figured it would be something great. We weren’t disappointed.

You arrive at the restaurant via a private elevator that takes you from Kinship down one level to what looks like the salon of an acquaintance with extremely good taste. Here, your hostess (Ziebold’s partner Célia Laurent) encourages you to take your time to unwind in front of a fire with the help of your favorite cocktail (she actually remembered ours!) and hors d’oeuvres.

Once you’re ready to move to the dining room, you are escorted to your table in an intimate space (only 36 seats) with a very similar aesthetic to that of the restaurant upstairs (i.e., Darryl Carter’s). The chef and his team working their magic in the kitchen are visible behind a window that takes up most of one side of the room.

The delicious seven course, prix fixe, tasting menu can best be described as very high end American fare with a European twist. A few of the courses include table-side serving and cooking, and the wine list is exceptional. Our menu was meat-centric, so we opted for a delicious Pinot from the Russian River Valley.

The service is impeccable, to the point that we were actually frustrated when a note arrived from the hosts (nice touch: a visit from Chef Ziebold himself towards the end of our meal) with the bill reminding us that “service is included in the price.”

This is definitely where you should go to celebrate a really special event, or to impress a very special person. Jackets are required, and so are good manners, so it’s obviously my kind of place.

Métier | 1015 7th Street NW, Washington DC | (202) 737-7700

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