Game On

sylviamay-5sylviamay-3sylviamaysylviamay-6sylviamay-10Zophia Italian Green Stretch CEO SkirtMichi White Anti-Gravity BraWhite Ivy Park Hexagon Mesh Bomber Jacket, Azzedine Alaïa High Heeled Sandals (similar here), Black Chanel Boy Bag (similar here), H&M Black Sunglasses

If you spend as much time in activewear as I do it begins to feel like your second skin, and if you have some Michi and Ivy Park swag in your arsenal, you (believe you) can conquer the world when you’re wearing it. What better way to prove that you’ve got game than by combining pieces from each of those brands with a super slick, feminine pencil skirt?

I wanted this look to be playful and sporty yet sexy – perfect for weekend drinks with friends or date night, for example. The colors of the outfit – (Italian) green, black, and white – remind me of an athletic uniform, as does the bomber/baseball jacket. The fact that the jacket in question is almost transparent, and that it reveals that amazing sports bra with the mesh panels keep the look sexy. The white sandals with black details pull the outfit together and, by the way, if you were going to turn a pair of athletic Adidas sneakers into sky-high shoes, isn’t this what they would look like? Remember: unlike sports, you don’t always have to follow the rules in fashion, as long as you feel great about how you look breaking them.

Photos: Master Williams


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