Le Paris Packing List – Summer Edition


I don’t know about you, but to me the most stressful part of traveling is editing my packing list. For my last trip to Paris, I was determined to be as minimal as possible (never mind the THREE jackets I brought because, you know: PARIS), and to fit everything into my carry-on bag. I kept my eye on the weather forecast (which was all over the place) and tried to choose pieces that I could mix and match and easily convert from casual to dressier looks. I knew I would be spending most of my time walking around the city, so comfort was essential, but not at the expense of style, bien sûr. Here’s what I ended up taking.

  • My trusty Stan Smith sneakers
  • A black leather moto jacket
  • My favorite flat black strappy sandals (not as comfortable to walk around in as my sneakers, but still)
  • Several lightweight graphic tees from favorites brands like Sundry Clothing and Isabel Marant
  • marinière (I always have at least one with me wherever I go)
  • My favorite shirt dress
  • A pleated midi metallic skirt (similar here)
  • A pair of cropped flare-bottom blue jeans with frayed hems
  • A pair of cropped boot-leg black denim jeans with frayed hems
  • A metallic bomber (similar here)
  • Le Trench – a must in Paris (similar here)
  • A black black slip dress
  • A black silk camisole (similar here)
  • A pair of black stilettos (similar here )
  • A Chanel vintage shoulder bag
  • Oversized black sunglasses
  • Not photographed: Ray-ban Aviator Sunglasses and Goyard GM tote bag (similar here)

As it turned out, the leather moto jacket and those black stilettos probably got the least amount of wear because the weather was either extremely hot or pouring rain (but a Parisienne must always have at least one of each) . The jacket was the perfect touch over the black jeans and camisole for dinner with friends, however. The stilettos didn’t make the cut that night – my feet were too tired, so I wore the strappy flat sandals instead. I threw on the Chanel bag to keep the look chic.

Not surprisingly, I wore the white sneakers the most, with everything from jeans to that metallic skirt and a graphic tee, and even the shirt dress, on particularly hot days. I wrote about Le Perfect LBD, which I literally wore on repeat for shopping and museum visits during the day and dinners in the evening. I probably didn’t need the metallic bomber, but it did add a fun touch of bling over jeans and graphic tees for more casual dates. I used my oversized tote bag every day to avoid looking like a tourist (perish the thought!) carrying around a camera bag, which I stowed carefully inside of it.

In the end, I ended up taking the larger suitcase after all, because it would have been a shame not to have enough space in the smaller bag for a few new acquisitions, right?

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