Heatwave Survival Tricks: Part Deux


I’m a big fan of billowy, boho silhouettes on normal days, but they are actually essential on days like these!

I’ve had this Isabel Marant top since spring (budget friendly version here) and have been wearing it every which way (see it styled for date night here), but today I paired it with this awesome drawstring skirt that I picked up at – where else – H&M.  I’m pretty sure that I will be wearing that skirt a lot this summer – it’s one of those basics that you can thrown on with just about any shoe or top you want. It definitely has a casual feel, so I think it works best with flat shoes, like these sandals, or at most a pair of wedge heels like these. I kept the accessories simple, i.e. this Chloe-like chain strap micro bag from Target that I have been wearing on repeat, and an oversized pair of wire-rimmed sunnies that keeps that 70’s Boho vibe alive.

2 thoughts on “Heatwave Survival Tricks: Part Deux

  1. Usma Khan

    Hi Sylvia – per my instagram post, you are such an inspiration. I am hoping you can share your trainer’s info. I just turned 50 and need strength training. Thank you wnd much love!


    1. Sylvia C Post author

      Hi Usma!
      Thank you for your kind words – they mean more to me than you know.
      I have been working with a trainer at Equinox Bethesda named Roman Rodriguez. He is the ONLY trainer I have not grown tired of and continue to be challenged by. It’s a love – hate relationship 😉
      Are you a member at Equinox? If so, let me know if you would like an intro.
      Be well, and thanks again for your support!
      xx Sylvia



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