Once Upon a Time

SimplySylvia(7-26-2016)-F-079SimplySylvia(7-26-2016)-F-080SimplySylvia(7-26-2016)-F-084SimplySylvia(7-26-2016)-F-090SimplySylvia(7-26-2016)-F-091SimplySylvia(7-26-2016)-F-093SimplySylvia(7-26-2016)-F-092Vintage Lanvin “feathered” bubble dress (similar style here), Stuart Weitzman beige patent leather sandals, red silk flower clutch bag (similar style here), my Grandmother’s Pearls

Every once in a while I fall madly in love with one article of clothing without really knowing when or how I will actually wear it. Case in point: this dress, which is another of those treasures that I discovered at my favorite consignment store, Ella Rue. I love the delicacy of the feather-like fabric and almost invisible spaghetti straps of the dress, contrasted with its oversized bow and bold silhouette (I call it a “bubble,” although the designer might beg to differ). I could easily see it being worn by a fashion-forward bride, or by an everyday fashionista to a randy cocktail party or to an event like the Dîner en Blanc.

To me, this dress conjures images of ballerinas and Gatsby era heroines, which happen to be two of my favorite style inspirations. I accessorized it accordingly: simple, pale, shoes that elongate the leg and almost give the illusion of walking en pointe, and layered strands of pearls and simple diamond drop earrings à la Daisy Buchanan. I added the bright red bag for a pop of color and because I liked the idea of carrying something that looks like a giant red rose…would a prima ballerina or a 1920s socialite expect anything less?

Photos: Jen Eun

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