Fauve for Fauve

My wardrobe is predominantly black – it’s my go to, fail safe color choice for just about every occasion. Monochromatic (black that is) looks make me feel sophisticated and powerful, so I usually need a really compelling reason to venture into the realm of, say, patterns.


My one exception is fauve, or “wild animal” prints.  I don’t go head to toe leopard, but I do think that adding ONE leopard print (or any animal print other than cow) is a way to make a statement that is bold yet chic, much like the all-black uniform. And let’s face it, this is the perfect seasons to do it because you can add faux fur to the mix.

Faux fur Leopard coat (similar here)

Animal print separates like skirts, blouses or sweaters, or accessories like shoes, also add a fun pop to an otherwise all-black look.  Beware, however, of mixing too many of these details.  You want the look to convey an edgy wild side, not that you have fallen over the edge of good taste.

sylvianov-31Olive Tiger Print Carine Skirt from Uniqlo

Here are a few budget-friendly pieces I love:  this zebra print sweater, this short faux-fur leopard jacket, these leopard print pumps, and for a splurge, this zebra print skirt.

Go wild, friends – it’s only fashion.

Photos: Master Williams

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