Belle de Jour

03012017_sylvia_paris_web-2603012017_sylvia_paris_web-5603012017_sylvia_paris_web-4603012017_sylvia_paris_web-4303012017_sylvia_paris_web-3003012017_sylvia_paris_web-5103012017_sylvia_paris_web-2903012017_sylvia_paris_web-54Isabel Marant Ines Wool DressBlack Turtleneck, Wolford Winter White Wool Tights (similar here), Chanel White Cap-Toe Booties (similar here), Gucci Marmont Black and White Chevron Shoulder Bag, Navy Wool Beret (similar here), Black Fur Fingerless Gloves

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a beret wearing kick lately, and nowhere does it make more sense to do so than in Paris, where I was for this shoot (obviously).  I picked up this wool dress and these unique white booties from two of my favorite French designers (Isabel Marant and Chanel, respectively) on sale a few weeks ago in New York. I love how well they work together, especially paired with this black and white bag (merci, Santa).  I wanted to keep the look simple and fresh (like the weather that day: brrrrr) so I stuck with a black and white palette, but I am also planing to wear this dress with my red knee-length boots some time.  The winter white wool tights really make the other outfit details pop, and like those furry gloves, kept me from shivering instead of smiling!

Photos: Gonçalo A. Silva

6 thoughts on “Belle de Jour

  1. Phoebe McPherson

    Just popping by to say that I am in love with this outfit! Love that you’re wearing white + black boots with white tights.

    xx phoebe • honestly, though



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