Imma cook (not)


Dinner at our house is no simple matter. We try to follow healthy eating guidelines – high protein, low carbs, veggies whenever possible, etc. etc. When it’s just me and my husband, dinner is easy because we basically like the same dishes. But when we have the kids, a whole different level of crazy happens. One of them recently decided to adopt a vegan diet, another of them is lactose intolerant and doesn’t eat meat, and the last one doesn’t care for fish. Honestly, putting together a menu for all of us is like answering a question on the LSAT. And that. my friends, is why I am so obsessed with  Galley Foods, a service offering healthy, delicious, freshly prepared meals right to your doorstep. img_2358

Their menu is very affordable, changes daily, and always includes at least one vegetarian, and sometimes a vegan, option. All of the dishes come with easy reheating instructions, and – this is my favorite detail – the sauces are served ON THE SIDE! (Not that I’m fussy when I place orders or anything). The way that it works is that you sign up, and voilà! Thereafter, you will receive a daily menu in your inbox, and have until the mid-afternoon to place your order. This is truly a life-saver for a (supposedly) busy (“I don’t have time to go to Whole Foods”), neurotic (“I won’t serve/eat it unless it’s healthy”) mother like me, but I think it’s a great option for anyone who wants to eat healthy but doesn’t always have the time (or inclination) to do the cooking.


We have ordered from Galley several times now, and we have always been pleased with the taste and quality of the dishes. We tend to stick to salmon and chicken based individual meals, although we ventured into crab cake territory with both a regular and vegan option (pictured above) which did not disappoint. The menu offers a great range of products to satisfy everyone from the most adventurous to the most finicky eater. They offer family-size portions (for those families fortunate enough to agree on food choices), and even have special kid’s meals.

I highly recommend giving them a try if you live in the DMV area (a service area map is available on their website), and like us, are tired of ordering from the same take-out places (Boy Bye, sushi delivery place). Not only is the food delicious, but I also love supporting local companies that give back, and Galley is very involved in areas relating to feeding the less fortunate and food education.

Check out out their menus here, and use code SIMPLYSYLVIA to get $10.00 off of your first order.

Bon appétit!

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