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Denim I Tell ‘Ya?


If there is one thing I’ve learned on my frequent travels to New York City is that you have to be prepared for any eventuality. Cold weather, longer than expected walks, going from casual to formal situations without time for a major wardrobe change, etc. But isn’t that just like life? You’ve gotta’ be able to roll with the punches. Continue reading

Belle de Jour

03012017_sylvia_paris_web-2603012017_sylvia_paris_web-5603012017_sylvia_paris_web-4603012017_sylvia_paris_web-4303012017_sylvia_paris_web-3003012017_sylvia_paris_web-5103012017_sylvia_paris_web-2903012017_sylvia_paris_web-54Isabel Marant Ines Wool DressBlack Turtleneck, Wolford Winter White Wool Tights (similar here), Chanel White Cap-Toe Booties (similar here), Gucci Marmont Black and White Chevron Shoulder Bag, Navy Wool Beret (similar here), Black Fur Fingerless Gloves

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a beret wearing kick lately, and nowhere does it make more sense to do so than in Paris, where I was for this shoot (obviously).  I picked up this wool dress and these unique white booties from two of my favorite French designers (Isabel Marant and Chanel, respectively) on sale a few weeks ago in New York. I love how well they work together, especially paired with this black and white bag (merci, Santa).  I wanted to keep the look simple and fresh (like the weather that day: brrrrr) so I stuck with a black and white palette, but I am also planing to wear this dress with my red knee-length boots some time.  The winter white wool tights really make the other outfit details pop, and like those furry gloves, kept me from shivering instead of smiling!

Photos: Gonçalo A. Silva